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Until further notice

Obviously I have not had time over the last few months to maintain this blog. While that is unfortunate, it is not the end. I’ve never stopped reading, I’ve just stopped having time to sit down at the computer and write. I’ve been working as a social media assistant since January, and honestly, the last thing I want to do when I get home is look at the computer.

Maybe one day I will return to writing on this blog, but until then, this blog is closed. It was a pleasure sharing my reading experiences with the few readers I had, and I hope that your reading and writing never ceases.

Stay creative. Keep learning.



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The Wire, Chess, and Through the Broken Mirror

“If you’re a pawn, it’s hard to become a queen,” he said, thinking of the world and of the color of her skin. “Most pawns just stay pawns.” – Through the Broken Mirror with Alice, pg. 13

I meant to post this earlier. After reading this, I immediately thought of the episode in the first season of The Wire where D’angelo teaches Bodie and Wallace how to play chess. Since Through the Broken Mirror with Alice is a retelling of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-glass, I assume that David Simon, the creator of The Wire, would be familiar with Alice’s desire to be a Queen from Carroll’s version.

Here is the chess scene from the first season of The Wire:

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